This changelog collects all user-facing changes to project-novis. For a complete changelog see in our git repository or use git log.

May 2019

  • Add API token view in user settings
  • Allow adding callsigns to your amateur radio club
  • Add button to create club/repeater information to callsign page
  • Optimize server configuration to reduce latency

April 2019

  • Add callsign issued date to callsign page
  • Disable D-STAR import as data seems inaccurate
  • Add png favicon for Chrome
  • Add club information box to callsign page
  • Allow basic edits to club information
  • Add repeater information box to callsign page
  • Allow basic edits to repeater information
  • Add display name field to user accounts, should be shown on callsign page in the future.
  • Use HTTPS links in account mails
  • Add location hint to callsign page (e.g. “Location is based on prefix and may be inaccurate.”)

March 2019

  • Improve site accessibility
  • Integrate our new logo :)
  • Add DXWatch profile URL
  • Remove username field
  • Add more RF modes
  • Add link to documentation

February 2019

  • Show claim button on callsign page even if not logged in
  • Add address and social media fields to user account
  • Add basic callsign search

January 2019

  • Add “official issued” flag to callsign page
  • Use custom form in callsign update view for HTML5 date picker widget

December 2018

  • project novis released!